Of the Stinky Butt

We found Boo at pop up shelter outlet in Redmond Square. In 2008 we were attending Foolscap and had a bit of time to kill before we met a friend for dinner on Saturday night of the con. We went in to look around and saw Boo sleeping in a cage. When we stepped up for a closer look she woke up, stretched, came over, stuck her paw out of the cage an *booped* me on the nose. We were smitten, but there was no way to adopt her right at that moment. That evening we talked it over and decided to go back Sunday before we left and take her home with us.

While we were completing the paperwork another couple came into adopt her. We found out later she had been a featured pet in on the pet segments on a local TV show.

In 2017 Boo was doing poorly, in May she was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma. We began treatment and she did very well. She had her ups and downs, but seemed overall to be doing ok. In late September/early October of 2018 she was having

On Thursday, October  11th, we decided that her current rough patch was lasting too long and started trying to decide next steps.

Saturday she started to crash, Sunday she was doing very poorly. She was not purring and she was hiding.

We got her into the vet on Monday. She was dehydrated and congested. We got her fluids and some antibiotics.

Tuesday she was very marginally better.

Wednesday she was hungry and eating. She was active, seeking attention, and purring.

Thursday she regressed and was not purring or wanting interaction. She was back to hiding. But as the day progressed she seemed to get better, she ate a bit and was purring and seeking interaction.

This morning she seemed a bit better, she ate and was purring and looking for attention. I felt that another round of fluids was in order. So I made an appointment to get her topped off. Made very raspy plaintive sound when I put her in the carrier. I got her there and while they were administering the fluids she developed issues breathing. I authorized xrays and while they were trying to get the xray she really crashed. It appeared that she was dying, I called Vicki to come to the vets. While she was on her way it appeared that Boo had died. She did not appear to be breathing, no detectable hear beat, and they could not find a pulse.

The left we me with her to await Vicki. Then I noticed breathing, I held her paw and she did kneading action, then she lifted her head and was alert. Vicki arrived she seemed to be doing better, then the breathing issue started to resurface. We got the xrays, but there was nothing conclusive on them to the vets and we sent them off to the radiologist. Then she crashed again and seemed to be having little mini seizures, so we made the call to end her suffering.