Fuzzball, fuzzy, fuzzclops, fuzz, fuzzballess

Fuzzball came to us when Vicki's mother called us one day in November of 1989 and told us of a bag of kittens left under a tree overnight. The night was a chilly one. When they found the bag there were three kittens huddled together in it for warmth, a fourth (Fuzzball) had left the bag and found a car port and a warm car to sleep near.

When we went to see them, three of the kittens ran from us, the fourth, Fuzzball, ran to us. We HAD to take him home.

As he progressed into old age, we had to have one of his eyes removed when the pressure in it became to great. He had high blood pressure for which we gave him medication. He reached a point where no longer jumped up on the bed or purred, but did like to be cuddled and scritched under the chin.

In June of 2005, we took Fuzzy to the vet and recieved the bad news that he had cancer; most likely Lymphoma.