Mr. George Fancy Pants

We got George from PAWS Cat City when it was located in Greenwood. He had.JPG" / been a stray and is declawed in the front. had a bald spot on his back where they had to cut off some matted hair. Originally, we had thought that Boo would be a good companion for Hestia. We were wrong. But Boo really wanted to be buddies with someone, we thought that, based on his personality, that George might fulfill that need for her. Fortunately, we were right.

Typically we retain the name with which the cat came to us. But we the shelter had named him Columbo and that just did not fit him.

In the late spring, early summer of 2018 George began to have trouble eating. First hard food, then even canned food. We took him to the vet and then to a specialist, but neither was able to identify the issue. He ate less and less. He became severely dehydrated and was running a fever. We gave him fluids and got him rehydrated. Antibiotics in case of infection. He seemed to be doing better and we found an ultra soft food (Tiki Cat) he would eat. But he started relapsing, we took him to the vet again on July 5th and he was once again severely dehydrated and anemic. To rehydrate him, he would first need a blood transfusion. We decided that putting him through cycles of up and down was not in his best interest. We decided to take him home and enjoy his company one final day. We made an appointment for the following day.

When the time came we took him in. He was so dehydrated that it was hard for the vet to find a vein that was usable. The injection was given, the end was so swift the vet hardly had time to get the stethoscope up to listen.