Hestia comes to by way of a friend. She adopted Hestia from a rescue organization in eastern Wasthington. Hestia likes to play rought and it turned out that she was allergic to cat scratch. I, on the other hand, am not and have a grand old time playing with her.

Hestia left us June 11th, 2020. She had been sick for sometime. Some days better than others. Over the last month she had been slowly getting worse. Last week she had a slight perk up, but on Monday the 8th it was very apparent that she was starting to crash.  Wednesday we made the decision to take her in and end any suffering she might be experiencing.

I called Thursday morning first thing and made an appointment for 2 PM.

We did not get her into the Vet. I will be taking her in shortly just to be sure, but really it is just for my peace of mind. She left being skritched and loved. A mostly peaceful passing.