Juliette came to by way of my ex-step niece and an ex-step sister in law. early in 2021, Courtney shared a post on Facebook about four cats that needed a home. Their owner had died the preovious year and they had been living in the house since then. Mostl The house was being readied for sale and the cats needed to be out by the end of the month. At 15, Juliette was the oldest of the four. I had been looking for an older cat; not quite that old though. I contacted the person who had posted the message and we arranged to meet.

After a few false starts we finally met up on March 14th, 2021 and we brought Juliette home. For the first few days she wandered the house crying out as she was looking for her friends in this strange new place. We got her checked out by the vet and she was in pretty good shape for a 15 year old cat.

She is very sweet with a loud purr that she turns on often. She has strict critteria as to whether she likes you. Are you a person? Then she likes you. She has bondeed well with [Betzabel](betzabel.shtml) but not so much with [Virgil](virgil.shtml). Virgil is afraid of her and she is not afraid to let him know that she is the boss even though he is twice her size.

It is possible that she did not know about treats before she came to live with us. But, once she found out about them she has been very enthusiastic whenever they are offered.