Kootie Kitty, Kootie, Koot (She was so koooot)

Kootie came to us from the vets office, apparently she was hanging around the back door and they began to feed her a bit. They brought her in to see if she was chipped and they put a collar with a 'call us' message on it. Well that was it, she moved in. Any time they opened the door she bolted inside.

The folks vets office called us and convinced us to take her. She turned out to be an extremely affectionate kitty. While she would go outside on occasion, but any indication you might close her outside caused her to streak back into the house. If you did happen to close her out, she would meow pitifully till you let her back in.

After a couple years she developed a condition where he chest cavity was filling with fluids and she had trouble breathing as the fluids pressed on her lungs. We finally had her put to sleep rather than let her slowly suffocate.