Official Upper Crust Site
An AC/DC sort of sound, with a humorus gimick that they carry through out their music.
Official bowling for soup site
A good Pop/Punk band!
Official Evanescence site
A voice you won't believe.
Official Godhead web site
I particulary like their take on the classic Beattle song, Elanor Rigby.
Weird Al Site
Weird Al, what more do I have to say?
Official Shakira site
Belly dancing singer. Yowsa!
Website of the Heaters
Sadly, it appears that the Heat(ers) have left us. I am linking to an archived version of the web site at
Official Sarah Brightman Site
Sarah Brightman. Beautiful voice and a face to match.
Official website of the Four Btichin Babes
Any group that includes Deidre Flint must be good. And they are.