Want to buy stuff?

Computer Stuff

New Egg Good prices. Decent selection.
Weird Stuff You want weird stuff? They got weird stuff.
Monoprice Good deals on cables, connecotors and other small items you may need.
Tech Bargins Tech consolidator. Bargins from around the web.

More Deal Consolidators

Deal Woot Not the quality deal site it used to be before selling out to Amazon, but still worth the look.
Deal News Deals from around the intertubes.


Powells Books If you are ever in Portland OR you MUST visit their store.
Book Outlet Formerly All Books For Less. Mostly remainders and over stocks at great prices.
Abebooks Search engine for used books.
Addall Search engine for used books.
Dreamstrands Comics Ok, not REAL books, but good folks anyway. 


Garlic Festival Foods I like garlic. Try the Garlic Garni or the Garlic Ghetti
Pegasus Coffee With the demise of Java Jims, it looks like the only way to get it is at the source.