• WinZip An essential tool for file compression.
  • CuteFtp a good My preferred FTP client.
  • FileZilla Another good, free FTP client.
  • Visual Studio Code A powerful full featured editor that I use for writing docs in Markdown and codeing. Useful for creating docs for GitHUB.
  • PanDoc A useful tool for converting documents to other formats.
  • QOwnNotes A fairly comprehensive note taking app that uses Markdown. A bit of a learning curve to get started, but I have been using it more and more.

Security Tools

Are you Vulnerable?

First thing to do is check some of your vulnerbilities.

Shields UP!  Is a good place to start. Here Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation has placed some tools that will check out some of the more common security holes.

Protect Yourself

Use a firewall. Modern operating systems pretty much all have one built in these days. For more infomration:

If you want a few more bells and whistles there are third party apps available, such as ZoneAlarm by ZoneLabs.

Virus Scanners

There are are a mess of them out there. I use Kaspersky.

If you don't have one installed and you think you have a problem, or are uncertain of the results of the one you do have, I recommend House Call by Trend Micro.