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A science fiction convention is a gathering of fans of science fiction.

This category is reserved for fan run events that cover literature, films, television, comics, animation, and games. Often they have guests of honor, discussion panels, readings, and large special events such as opening/closing ceremonies and some form of party or entertainment. Science fiction conventions started off primarily in the UK and US but have now spread further and several countries have their own individual conventions as well as playing host to rotating international conventions.

Karate Tournaments

Primarily, these will be tournaments that are run by orgnziations associated with the USA National Karate-do Federation (USA-NKF).

Pop Culture

These are events that are typically run by large for profit organizations. They don't qualify as a convention to me since the purpose is to separate the attendee from their money rather than to bring fans together to celebrate the genre.


Things that don't fit elsewhere. Typically, one off inclusions in the list.

My event list started as a static html page. Now I use it to play with pseudo REST endpoints. First I reimplemented it to have an endpoint written in node.js running on an Azure instance that accessed the data stored in an MS SQL database. I had grand plans to do more with it. But the years went by and I was paying $5 a month for the SQL instance that was hosting at most 100 records of current and historical data. I have now moved the endpoint to a local server that hosts a docker container. The endpoint is exposed using Python and Flask. The data is stored in a flat file for now