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They seem a bit sleazy and more than a bit annoying. But, some folks like them.

Recruiters & Contracting

MAQ Consulting

At the time I worked with then, they had stunningly good benefits for a contracting agency. I don't know abou their current benefits, but they were good people.

Redmond Technology

I works with them once many years agon and it was good experience. Contacts with them since have been reasonable. I would give them a try again.

Steyer Associates

Specializes in Technical and Programming Writers. They used to be a go to, but recent contacts with them have been less than stellar. They are still worth a try.

Prime Team Partners

My one contract with them was a good experience and subsquent contacts have been reasonable. I would give them a try again.

Design Laboratory Inc.

I worked a couple of contracts with them. The pay and beenfits were good. I highly recommend them whether you are looking work or looking for a contractor.


Don't know much about them, but they made a good effort. And I have worked with recruiters who moved to them from other companies that I have worked with.

Makena Partners

I have not worked with them, but they seem like good people.

Compensation Transparency

Are you worker in Washington or California? Know your rights when it comes to compesation transparency.

Analysis from the Littler Law Firm

Washington State Issues Final Policy on Pay Transparency in Job Postings, Setting Most Stringent Requirements in the Country.

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Article from Cal Matters

Here's what you need to know about California's new pay transparency law.

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California Releases Guidance on Pay Transparency Law

An analysis from a HR management advocacy group.

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