Remember When

A very dated history of hard drive prices.


Compuserve was with us for a long time. They provided up to date news for as little as $5.00 an hour. All you needed was 300 baud modem. July 1980.

PCNet email service

The email revolution is not new, but it has not always been as inexpensive as it is now. Here you can exchange email overnight. July 1980.

"Cheap" prices for all your component needs

We all needed a little space to store all the things we began collecting on our machines. 5 megs for $280. Who could need more than 5 megs? December 1985.

Turbo Pascal

Look! You could do windows! All you needed was Turbo Pascal 2.0. Windows. Hmmm I wonder where that concept ended up? June 1984.

More components for your system needs

You needed to be able to store your information off line, right? Floppy drives were the way to go. June 1984.

Massive amounts of memory

Memory, we have always needed more memory. You could get 32k of ram for your system for only $475. Lets see, at that rate my current 16 GB meg would only cost $243,200,000. July 1980.

Full Systems

Powerful applications required powerful machines. Here we have a July 1980 advertisement touting those machines at 'Discount Prices'!

Tandy PC compatibles

Those TRS machines sure were getting cheap. And just look at those amazing specs! January 1986.